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Spotify India Is Coming Within 6 Month

Spotify has announced it will launch in India within six months. But will India want Spotify? There's already talk that local licensees of music will...
Apple App Store - Pepper vs Apple

Apple’s App Walled Garden Is Up For Question In The US Supreme Court

Very quietly for the past seven years, Apple has been in a legal battle regarding their walled garden App Store. The case is now...

Spotify Paid User Numbers Slow Again

The latest company update from Spotify shows that paid user numbers have not grown as much as expected and in an attempt to turn...
Spotify For Artists - Tools

Spotify For Artists Playlist Pitching Tool

Having tracks featured on a Spotify playlist is one of the most effective ways to reach a lot of listeners. But, unless you have...
Distrokid and spotify

DistroKid & Spotify Join Forces

Spotify today announced it had invested in music distribution platform DistroKid. After a move earlier this month when Spotify opened up its beta "direct upload" service...
Tencent IPO

Tencent’s TME postpones IPO due to market conditions

Tencent Music Entertainment Group has delayed its planned float on the US stock market after this week's market turbulence. The news of the delayed...
SoundCloud Premier

SoundCloud Premier Opens Up Invite Only Monetisation platform.

Soundcloud have trumped Spotify's recent "direct upload" by allowing monetisation of artist's uploaded music. SoundCloud Premier was previously an invite-only platform but this week they...
Tencent IPO

Warner Music And Sony acquire $200m of shares in TENCENT

After dumping shares in Spotify, Warner and Sony have acquired $200m of shares in Tencent before its IPO. At this point in time, Universal...