The O2 Arena Is Moving To 100% Digital Signage As Sales Grow.

The O2 Arena digital signage

AEG has recently announced that they are upgrading The O2 Arena to 100% digital signage after seeing a significant boost in food and drinks sales thanks to more dynamic digital signage at some of its primary concessions, the arena, which is one of AEG's flagship venues in Europe, is steadily expanding its use.

Digital Signage is starting to be seen across a broad range of industries but is generally limited to those with big budgets and advanced technical skillsets. Is this technology something that other venues should consider? Is it affordable, or will smaller venues feel like they are being increasingly left behind?

The new signage for The O2 is operated through Cisco Vision. It will primarily be used for showing digitized bar tariffs, food menus and displaying targeted advertising depending on the nature of the event – for instance, soft drinks promotions if the audience is predominately families. This offers a modern, engaging experience for customers.

Wyldfire Signage is one company exploring the possibilities of this technology. Their solution claims to remove the barriers to entry by providing a cost-effective and simple to use service. With a focus on the music industry, Wyldfire has partnered with event discovery service Gigseekr to automatically incorporate as much event information as they can on to their digital boards. In short, this means that their solution not only provides the standard services as above, but also follows the progress of an event in real-time – automatically displaying information about the act on stage.

‘As a live music fan, I’ve seen the struggles that local venues go through to keep their doors open. When creating Wyldfire, I wanted to provide a service for music venues that went above and beyond that of traditional Digital Signage, but also addresses some of the biggest pain points. Not only have we managed to make a very affordable solution, but we have kept it simple, easy to use and provide users with all the features they will need.’
David Hamilton, CEO Wyldfire Signage

For smaller venues, digital signage is an expensive option to install but with a growing number of companies providing equipment and technology in the market, it's expected to become a standard feature and is proving to greatly uplift sales in many areas.


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