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Having tracks featured on a Spotify playlist is one of the most effective ways to reach a lot of listeners. But, unless you have great connections with playlist curators or are signed to a label, you would think the chances to be featured in one are slim.

Spotify has now made it easier for artists to be considered for their own playlists curated by the Spotify editorial team by introduced a new playlist pitching tool in its “Spotify For Artists” toolbox which allows artists get their tracks on Spotify's official playlists. The feature, which is currently in beta mode, is accessible in your Spotify For Artists account.

What is the Spotify pitching tool used for?

The tool aims at improving the fairness in the playlist curation process and opens the door for more artists to be featured on Spotify’s editorial playlists. It’s also a way to offer listeners a greater variety of songs. Any artist can submit an unreleased track and include information to help editors find their track, and consider it for one of the editorial playlists.

What to do before submitting a song

To use the pitching tool, you will need to login to your Spotify For Artists account.

It's important to know that you will only be able to submit unreleased tracks to editors. Don't submit tracks you have already released.

Artists must upload their track before submitting for potential playlist inclusion. Once the track you want to submit is uploaded artists must choose a date well in advance. Allow at least two weeks before it goes live. If an artist doesn't choose a date and instead selects ‘release ASAP’, the track will automatically go live on Spotify and the pitching option won’t be available.

How to submit songs for possible inclusion

Songs that are already released and therefore live on Spotify can’t be pitched to the editorial team and artists can only pitch one pre-release song at a time.

Spotify asks for at least one week to allow them to review a track for possible inclusion. They claim that this will also allow the track to feature in your followers’ weekly Release Radar playlist and ensure more streams.

Currently, the interface within Spotify For Artists allows artists to Submit A Song by clicking on Catalog and then Upcoming. Within this area is the “Submit A Song” option.

Another major benefit to submitting your song this way is that Spotify asks for much more metadata for the track. This data is used by Spotify to learn more about your track and how and where it could fit into their playlists. If the track doesn't quite make it the metadata is still useful for Spotify to determine more information about the track for future use.

Spotify is stepping up their game by trying to collect as much data on each track as possible but with over 20,000 tracks being uploaded daily to streaming services making it on to a playlist is still slim – but certainly worth trying for.



Andrew Parsons
Freelance journalist for Music Industweet and social media marketing manager for label service companies.


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