A new IFPI music industry report shows that 47% of all streamed music is consumed on YouTube. This staggering figure suggests not only do music listeners want music but they also want video too. The research also shows 52% of users prefer video to audio streaming.

The rest is made up of audio streams of which 28% of streaming listeners are paid subscribers and 20% on free levels.

35% of music streaming users state their main reason for not paying for a streaming platform is because the music they want to listen to is freely available on YouTube.

On average, we each enjoy music for 17.8 hours per week, with the car being the most popular listening location.

Music consumers especially enjoy listening to local music genres, with 66% of consumers in Japan listening to J-Pop, 69% of consumers in France listening to Variété Française and, in Brazil, 55% listening to música popular Brasileira.

Radio remains strong

86% of consumers listen to music on the radio with 4.4 hours being the average listening time per week.

The figures strongly suggest there is a big difference between listeners and “music fans” with consumers not necessarily being highly engaging in music, gigs, merch and music culture.

Read the full report here

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