Avril Lavigne has been making a splash with her fans in the past couple of weeks after the new single “Head Above Water” reached number 1 in the iTunes charts in over 20 countries and stayed there for about a week.
On her sixth full-length album, Head Above Water, AVRIL LAVIGNE holds nothing back. Over the course of the record, she details each trial and tribulation from a perspective of triumph and emerges stronger than ever before. You’re hearing the songstress as she was always meant to sound. “This is me and my fight,” she affirms. “‘Head Above Water’ tells my story.”

Today we learned that Avril's sixth studio album will be named after the single.

Some of the tracks on the album include;

  • Birdie
  • Crush
  • Head Above Water
  • It Was In Me
  • Warrior
  • Dumb Blonde
  • I Fell In Love With The Devil

“Birdie” details her experience feeling trapped, while “It Was In Me” relays an undeniable and uplifting message. “A lot of us are searching and looking for inner peace. For some it’s finding God or being in your truth.” – Says Avril

“Head Above Water” encapsulates her lowest point with string-backed piano. Meanwhile, “Dumb Blonde” nods to the cheekily clever tone that made her a superstar. It’s an anthem to all the people who have felt underestimated, objectified and talked down to. Powered by undeniable, explosive production, its propulsive drum line upholds the unforgettable declaration, “I ain’t no dumb blonde! I ain’t no stupid Barbie doll! I got my game on, watch me, watch me, watch me prove you wrong!”

We're also awaiting further announcements on her tour plans, which are currently in the works.

Andrew Parsons
Freelance journalist for Music Industweet and social media marketing manager for label service companies.


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